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Hello! My name is Shelon Harrington. With a passion for high-quality services, I’ve been involved in this industry since 2013. My mission is to offer my clients everything they need to feel and look their best through all the latest trends. I understand that life is hectic; therefore, I've made my services easy and convenient. As a licensed professional, I guarantee to be attentive to all of your needs. I use only the best equipment and techniques to ensure that everything I do for my clients is administered with the utmost care. Contact me for any questions about Shelon Artistry.

Some fun facts about me:

+ I married my best friend in 2019! We did things a little backward, by having children first. I like to joke saying that this way we know it would last LOL! Kids aren't for the faint of heart!

+ We have 3 amazing children; Myles, Sloan, & Malix. This means if you call me, you may hear some background chaos! I definitely prefer texts/email as my children HAVE to know who I'm on the phone with at all times!
+ I used to be a full-fledged Tom Boy. Who would have guessed I would have ended up in the Beauty world?!

+ I love sports, hiking, the outdoors, & anything adventurous. Now that our kids are a little older I cannot wait to explore more!

About Me : Bio
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