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Bridesmaid's Swag Bag

Struggling to decide what to put in your bridesmaid's swag bags? Here are a few items that I have seen Bride's do that I wish I would have done for my own wedding:

1. Single Makeup Remover Wipes:

These are perfect for the end of the evening, quick fix, facial cleanse before hitting the pillow. Bonus, they are SO little & cute!

2. Personalized Hangers

I know you've seen the wooden hangers, but how about these Acrylic Hangers?! P.S. Money-saving tip: Find a friend who has a Cricut and see if they will customize them for you!

3. Satin Robe

Personal Opinion: Don't customize them with "bridesmaid." This prevents them to be utilized again and is a waste of money for you. My bridesmaids loved that I did plain black robes so that they can be used over and over again! I personally used mine when I was in the hospital with the birth of my kids! They make perfect breastfeeding robes.

4. Lashes

Unless, of course, you hire me as your makeup artist. Then lashes are included :)

5. Gum

Because who doesn't need gum on the wedding day?!

6. Sunscreen

Those bare shoulders and that hot sun are no joke! And who is going to remember sunscreen?! This is perfect for those destination weddings too!

7. Liquid IV

Does this one need an explanation?!

8. Personalize It

A trendy idea that I saw a bride do: Faceless Digital Photo (found on etsy)

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