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Organization + Makeup

Below are a few items you can find in my home that I use to organize my makeup!


These guys are functionable organizers that keep everything separate, yet together! I store samples that I get from the store, my favorite lipsticks, my Go To Brushes. This is where my Everyday Makeup look gets stored as well. And the nice thing, since I have small children who enjoy getting into my makeup, is I can store this in my bathroom closet and when I need it, I grab it out and place it on my makeup vanity. So it is easy stored as well, BONUS!


There are a few different options that I use here. Some I have on display in the above organizer, others I have in drawers, and others I have on display on my other organizer. It is essential, for me, to be able to clearly see all my options, otherwise I forget I even have them and I just grab my Favorites every time!

Here is the one I have on my other organizer:

Here is the one I plan to get when I have older kids who won't get into my makeup (wishful thinking?!) Link:

And one for those vanity drawers:

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